Bike Fit

Service information

Adam is a "Bike Fit"trained physiotherapist and has a special interest in helping cyclists of any level or ability to optimise their comfort and performance andavoid cycling injuries. He also treats cyclists who suffer from occasional or more long-term problems such as lower back, neck or knee pain, saddle discomfort, or hand discomfort. The repetitive nature of cycling is why comfort and alignment are so important in the prevention of injury.

A proper bicycle fit is essential for comfort, injury prevention, and performance. It optimises power output, aerobic efficiency, aerodynamics, and sustainability for the target event duration (Silberman et al. 2005). Cyclists average between 80-100 pedal revolutions per minute, which equates to around 5400 revolutions per hour. For cyclists riding anything from a few hours per week as a leisure ride, through to competitive cyclists doing 15-20 hours or professional riders doing 30-40 hours per week, any ongoing asymmetries or mal-alignments can easily result in injuries and discomfort.

As a keen cyclist himself, Adam knows only too well how much you will benefit from an in-depth assessment of your cycling position, your cycling technique, your cycling equipment and the clothing you wear.

A Bike Fit assessment lasts 90 minutes and Adam will undertake a full medical history and a physical assessment, as well as assessing your body's interaction with your equipment. Adam may suggest changes to your cycling technique or recommend different equipment to give you the tools to improve.
All you need to bring is yourself, your bike and your cycling shoes.